Spring Forward!

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Welcome! … Again!

Hello, I’m Aaron and this is my blog about nature.  I started this little blog project a while back and I have admittedly been neglecting the site.  But I plan on maintaining a more committed relationship.  A few new things will be coming to the site and I think I’m going to try a more casual tone to keep it fun for me and you.  Here’s what to look forward to this Spring.

First, you might notice that the site name has changed–from “Nature Trails” to “Observations in Nature”.  This is more of a change for me to narrow down what I intend to post about.  I want to focus more on sharing my own observations of nature and finding answers to questions about the intricacies of the natural world.  Posts from now on will be shorter and less story-like, hopefully allowing me to add more posts and other content.

Next, after trying to switch up my theme I’ve decided to go with what I already know–Bushwick.  However, I want to add to the usability of the site features and a few extra tidbits.  I’m still experimenting with the site so you might see some things come and go.

Also, I will continue to add to the field guide as much as I can.  I find that the field guide takes a great amount of time with sorting through photos and ensuring accurate identification.  It’s an endless work-in-progress, but I really enjoy the challenge and it keeps me busy.  To help me track my progress with the field guide I will add picture posts of species and maybe even a little photographic gem for fun–the toy in the cereal box, if you will.

Finally, I want to attempt to post every week, even if it’s just a short post about a bird I saw while driving to work or a few photos of species added to the field guide.  Ultimately, this blog is my way of expressing my nature-nerd awesomeness because I’m not talkative in the real world, so I might as well be a chatterbox on the internet.

Red Eft, Red Spotted Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens)

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