I try to add a new post every week, but another focus of this site for me is to catalog all of the wildlife that I come into contact with–I call it a Field Guide.  This personal project stemmed from a childhood spent browsing pictures and drawings in field guides about animals and plants.  I learned to use field guides as a young adult to identify species.  I became a bit of a birder and used photography to capture birds in an instant and identify their unique traits from a still photo instead of a moving specimen.  This was the start of my image database and I am now in search of species across the kingdoms to add to my own field guide.  All photos and sketches are created by myself.  Most of the information I gather about species is from my own experiences with the organism, however, I am resourceful and do pull from texts and internet databases.  I appreciate feedback as well as any questions you may have about the site or nature in general.

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