The Herbarium: Mounting

October 2, 2017 Dr. J, Last week, I continued to sort through various Polygonaceae family members.  I ran across several from arctic regions including Koenigia islandica, whose name suggests a warmer climate than the Alaskan archipelago where it is native.  Another, Oxyria digyna, is a unique little plant that can be found both in the... Continue Reading →

The Herbarium: Invasive Migrations

September 26, 2017 Dr. J, Bonnie mentioned going into the field to collect plants in the near future.  I’m sure the process of pressing plants isn’t very complex or exciting, but I am excited to learn about it. I met a gentleman named Allison who worked as the curator of the state herbarium of Ohio.... Continue Reading →

The Herbarium: Intern vs. Polygonaceae

Prologue: My internship is counted for credit with Chatham, so I have to do some sort of check-in with an advisor at my university.  I chose my academic advisor, Dr. J, because she is very cool and she is a botanist.  I write a weekly e-mail to her and usually limit my word count--I'm sure... Continue Reading →

The Herbarium: Hidden Science at the Museum

I stood in the main foyer of the museum staring out into a courtyard where some smart-looking people sat drinking coffees and having a chat.  I was waiting for Bonnie Isaac, the herbarium collection manager at Carnegie Museum of Natural History.  I was anxious to start my internship in the Botany Section, though I really... Continue Reading →

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