Insects & Arachnids

Bug out!

Insects, arachnids, millipedes, centipedes, and some other arthropods.  Also, see Mollusks & Crustaceans.

Confused?  See below.

What’s the difference between insects, spiders, and others?

Insects: are six-legged; have three body segments; most have wings in their adult stage, with a few exceptions; go through one of two life cycles from egg to reproductive adult; and are extremely varied between beetles, dragonflies and damselflies, gnats and midges, ants, bees, grasshoppers, cicadas, and many many others.
Spiders: are eight-legged; have two body segments; none have wings; all are predacious and can produce silk.

  • Millipedes, or diplopods, generally have many tiny legs and a rounded, hard shell.  More often long and slender, millipedes can be microscopic in size to more than a foot long.
  • Centipedes, or chilopods, have a flattened appearance with the legs splaying out to the sides.  They are carnivorous and have sharp venomous appendages at the mouth to help kill prey.
  • Scorpions and pseudoscorpions are eight legged with two front claws.  Scorpions have a stinging tail and pseudoscorpions do not.  They are predacious.
  • Ticks and mites are tiny eight-legged arachnids.  Ticks feed on blood as parasites on a number of hosts, not exclusively warm-blooded.  Mites are mostly microscopic and prefer moist environments in soil or water, though many survive by parasitizing plants and animals.

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