Hug a tree

Including conifers, flowering trees, ginkgo, palms, and woody shrubs.  The distinction between what is a tree and what is not a tree can be blurry.  For the added benefit of identification, I will include many shrubs which are not considered trees, but may be mistaken for a young or stunted tree.  In general, most of the species here are woody perennials with a tough bark and branching structure supporting leaves.

Identifications may include multiple photos with bark, fruits or cones, leaves and/or flowers, overall form of organism, fall color, and budding.  Some of the trees will also be illustrated as it is hard to get good shots of bark, leaves, fruit, and shape, whereas an illustration can be made with all of those features on one page. To make a proper identification consult two or more resources.

Warning: I do not recommend eating wild plants or fungi as they may contain toxins or bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens that can cause bodily harm.  Consult at least two reliable resources when foraging for wild foods.  Improper identification often leads to poisoning.  Forage at your own risk.

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