Flowering plants including the flowers of trees and woody shrubs.  Some species are native and some are nonnative, however, I make no distinction in cultivar for domestic plants.

These identifications will include mostly photos of flowers and sometimes leaves.  More information on a specific plant may be found in the Trees section of the Field Guide.

This guide shows flowers by color–purple, blue, pink, red, orange, yellow, white, and green.  This setup may change as the number of flowers added grows.

Notice: While I’ve been adding more species to this index, I realized that my setup is a bit impractical to use.  I plan on updating the flowers section here to break down the number of pictures in the gallery by making a few galleries with similar flowering plants in each.  The organization will likely not be by flower color as the spectrum is not necessarily reliable–what I say is blue might be purple to you.  So I will use either petal number or flower cluster growth form as an identifying characteristic for each gallery, but still keep flower color in order in those galleries (though perhaps in ROYGBIV form).  I’ll be sure to make an update post when this change happens.

Warning: I do not recommend eating wild plants or fungi as they may contain toxins or bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens that can cause bodily harm.  Consult at least two reliable resources when foraging for wild foods.  Improper identification often leads to poisoning.  Forage at your own risk.

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